May 15,2018

Healthcare shouldn’t wait for injury

healthcare manufacturing

Due to the long, often irregular hours associated with roles in the manufacturing industry, scheduling regular check-ins with a care provider to not only keep up with wear-and-tear, but optimise health, can seem too time-consuming. Although ailments may not be immediately noticeable, stresses to the body add up, and productivity, performance, and overall wellbeing are hindered over time as a result.

Thankfully, the accessibility of an onsite health center helps manufacturing employers bring healthcare to their employees, making healthcare a convenience rather than a burden. Through seamless integration and a presence on the worksite, 79% of the staff at Lincoln Industries have engaged with HealthyU on an ongoing basis, and a majority of those have regularly established health coaching appointments to work on their health goals. Not only has this participation in onsite healthcare boosted productivity, it has also helped Lincoln Industries to control its healthcare spending and greatly mitigate future costs.